Memramcook Tennis League
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Special rules (mai 2017)

The Match
Penalty points
Incomplete match
Tiebreaker for standings
Registration fee


1 - The Match

1.1 The player who has home match:

a) is responsible to make sure there are balls for the match

b) chooses between first service or the side to start the match.

1.2 A match is a best of 3 sets.

1.3 A set that is even at 6-6 is decided with a tiebreaker.

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2- Penalty points (does not apply to Women and Junior)

2.1 Late matches

2.11 The last day of the last group of matches is the deadline for all matches. However, three additional days will be allowed to complete the matches that still would not have been played by that date. Following that, each player will receive three penalty points for each match that is not played.

2.12 If a match that has not been played influences the standings, a decision will be made by league executive as to which player will get the win the match by default.

2.13 If a match that has not been played does not influence the standings, it is registered as a cancelled match.

2.2 Default matches

2.21 A player that gives a match to his opponent before or during a match, unless there is an injury, will receive three penalty points while the opponent is not penalized.

2.22 A player that has to give a match due to injury is not penalized.

2.3 The consequences of the penalty points

2.31 A player can accumulate 4 penalty points without being penalized in the standings.

2.32 Starting with the 5th penalty point, a lost set is added to the player for each point received.

2.33 A player that accumulates 10 points will lose a rank in the standings at the end of the regular season.

2.34 A player that accumulates 15 points will be excluded from the playoffs.

2.4 A player that quits the league for unacceptable reasons will be suspended for the following season.

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3- Incomplete match

3.1 A match that has started and is not interrupted by rain or darkness has to be completed. If a player leaves, he gives the match by default.

3.2 An interrupted match due to rain or darkness has to be completed as soon as possible. It is to be continued exactly where it was stopped.

3.3 A player that cannot continue following an injury during the match has to give it to his opponent.

3.4 A player who gives a match keeps the games he has won for the result of the match.

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4- Tiebreaker for standings

4.1 At the end of the regular season, if two players have the same record of matches won and lost, the result of the match between the two players will decide the positions in the standings. In a case where the two players have not played against each other, the rules 4.2a and 4.2b will apply.

4.2 If three or more players are tied:

a) +/- of sets won/lost
b) +/- of games won/lost
c) the record of the matches between the tied players
d) return to a) and b) with the results of the matches between the tied players.

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5- Playoffs (singles and doubles)

5.1 The eight top positions will advance to the playoffs in the men's "A" division. For the "B" division, the top six positions will play for the "B" championship. The positions 1 and 2 will advance directly to the semi-finales. The positions 7 to 10 will play for the "C" championship. The highest position in the standings plays against the lowest and so on (ex: 8 vs 1, 7 vs 2, 6 vs 3, 5 vs 4). For the women's singles, the top 8 positions in the overall standings will participate in the playoffs. For the quarter-finals, the positions 1 and 2 in each division will play against the positions 4 and 3 of the other division, respectively. If the fifth position has a better record than the fourth of the other division, she will take the place of the latter and will play against the first position of her division. The regular season overall standings will be used to determine the semi-final matchs. In the men's doubles, the top 6 positions will participate in the playoffs with the top 2 positions advancing directly to the semi-finals. All playoff rounds are decided by one match. The player with the best record gets the home match.

5.2 For the playoff matches, the balls are supplied by the league. Following the match, the winner keeps the balls that were used during the match.

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6- Registration Fee (the penalty points do not apply to the Women, Junior, and Doubles categories)

6.1 If the registration fee is paid:

- by June 30th, 0 penalty points
- from July 1st to July 31st,1 penalty points
- from August 1st to the deadline for all matches, 2 penalty points

6.2 If the total amount is not paid by the deadline for all matches, the player is excluded from the playoffs. If it's not paid by September 10th, the player will be excluded from the following season.

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